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10 miles northeast of Trona on the west slope of Slate Range. The elevation is about 3,000 feet and is three miles northeast of the mill. The type of ore is gold associated with pyrite, 2% copper. The discovery was about 1897, but the locators are not known. The claims were known as the Eagle Group. This property was acquired by B. P. Greenleaf and Billey Norvell early in the 20th century. In 1918 they organized a company with Vernon E. Stockwell, Greenleaf's son-in-law (34th Report). In 1924 Mr. Ed Teagle bought the property from Stockwell Mining Company for $100,000. From 1924 to 1933 just assessment work was done. Then in 1933 mining began in earnest with 22 men employed.

 During the latter part of 1937, Ray Wolf trucked ore to Crocket, site of the Selbey Smelting Company. Since 1938, Teagle has mined 130 tons of ore, assaying $16 per ton. Operations were suspended in 1942 by W.P. B. Order L-208 (1951 Journal). A new mill had been constructed by Teagle and C. H. Lockwood to mill the dump ore which assayed from $1 to $25 per ton.(1)

(1) The above description was taken from the "Searles Valley Story" which was written and published by Searles Lake Branch of American Association of University Women in 1975 for the bicentennial.

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