Trona on the Web: Class of 1961

Class of 1961

class-of-1961.jpg (40998 bytes) Photo by David Stevens 1998

Benny Eldrige, Anna Sue Johnson, Ed Semansky, Raye Ann Gebhart, Bobby Lively, Jerry Dufloth, Harold Schneider, Maria Ledesma, Cheryl Hill, Jeri Riley, Kathy Hara, Ron Lane, Charlotte Reeves, David Stevens, Linda Skidmore, Richard Barker, Bert Quinton

Here are elementary school class pictures of part of the class of 1961. These picture were furnished by Tim Burrel. Since the total class size was about 100 students. There were 3 or 4 elementary school classes each year for the 1961 graduating class that had about 100 studends in it. This is the class from each year that Tim was in.  Most of the members of the class of 1961 have known each other since kindergarten.

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