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Valley Wells pre 1955: From Mike Osborn

My name is Mike Osborn and I was born at the Trona Community Hospital on April 3, 1951. I have two younger brothers and sisters who were also born in Trona; Mark, Karen, Jan, and Don (Jr.). I believe my parents, Don and Margaret Osborn, moved to Trona in 1950. I remember something about our living in Homewood Canyon for a short time, but then moving to a house on 8th, between Benton and Sutter, then to Benton St, and finally to Elm, all in Pioneer Point. My grandparents, Charles and grandma Farrah, lived just off of Austin Square until about 1963(?). They raised a number of kids (my uncles and aunts) that graduated THS, including; Bonnie, Gary, Diane, Jim, Gordon, and a couple of others that I can't remember right now. Since Bonnie was born in 1948, I think you contemporary would have been Jim or Gordon Farrah.

My family lived in Trona until my father passed away in 1965 (he was only 35 or 36), from a heart of attack; I was then 14 years old. He is buried in the Trona Cemetery. My mother stuck it out in Trona for about 9 mo.'s and then we moved to the Fresno area.

I have vivid and fond memories of growing up in Trona. I often wondered what became of the dozens of friends that I grew up with. In searching the various Trona sites I see next to nothing in the way of email addresses or bio's for the class of '69.

Attached are a couple of pictures:

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This is probably younger sister Jan, so this would be about '57. Front yard on Benton St.

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This was just too cool a shot not to send, though I couldn't tell what part of the desert it's in.

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This is looking pretty much N.N.E. from Benton. Neat station wagon.

Mike Osborn
Arlington, Texas (for the last 20 years)

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