Trona on the Web: Airport Pictures from Fred Austin III

Fred Austin Jr. & Grace Marie Dow Fred Austin 1933
Fred L. Austin III writes:

I like your web site says my dad learned to fly in Trona. His instructor was Art Cheney. When Cheney joined Western Airlines in 1934 my dad took over his flying service. My mother was a nurse in Trona during those years. At that time she was a "peroxide blond". I am attaching some photos of the Trona Airport in those days, which my dad always said was across from the Trona School at that time. In one of the photos my dad and mom are standing by his Hammond biplane.
You have a great sight. I spent several summers in Trona at my grandparents place. I learned to swim at Valley Wells and later my dad taught me to fly at Trona. I have fond memories of going to the show in the center of Austin Hall with the canvas rolled back and the stars shining overhead.
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