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I have been sent more great 1915 - 1920 pictures. These came from Steven Faulkner of Oregon. Please check them out. With the exception of the Liberty flag postcards these pictures cam from Steven's grandfather Phillip C. Eberwine and grandmother Edna Moberly-Reynolds-Eberwine. They met and were married in Trona.
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Dr. Jim Kennedy of Dover, NJ sent me some pictures of Trona in 1920 while his father worked for AP&CC. Please take a look and see if you can help identify anyone in his photos. Photos 

Trona Football in LA TimesA troubled town's grit expectations --

The Trona High School 8-man football squad practices before the home opener on the school's dirt field. Football in the dirt is a tradition at Trona and a point of pride. (Don Bartletti / Los Angeles Times)

Audio slide show: The Pit --
Football in the dirt is a tradition in Trona, where grass is tough to grow in the heat and saline soil. A patch of test grass planted by coaches in 1966 was mysteriously doused with kerosene and set ablaze.

Aquarius Travertine Mine in Slate Range

Juanita Howell (Class of 77) of sent me a link to a 1973 Dessert Magazine article to her father's travertine mine in the Slate Range. When I woke up this morning I had no idea what travertine was but my wife tells me that travertine tile is all the rage now. Jump the the article here:     Aquaris Mine

Trona Railroad Stove

Trona RR Stove  Trona RR Stove Tag
Dear Sir:

Let me introduce myself and why I am e-mailing the Trona Railway.  My name is John Giannini and I live in Riverside, CA.  

Several years ago, about 15 to be more or less exact I bough a Pot belly stove from an antique store in Pomona  CA. The store owner told me that they believed that the stove had once been in an old school and the stove need to be restored some what.  I started cleaning up the stove about a week lated and found a Trona Railway, property tag attached to the base of the stove (pictured above).

 I removed the tag before I had the stove sandblasted and then reattached it after all welding and stove blacking was completed.  Could or would anyone know when this type of property tag was used by the Trona Railway.   Any information provided would be of great help, thank you for you're time

John Giannini. 

If anyone can help John with his question please email me. My guess is that this stove came from a Trona RR caboose.

David --

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